As pilots and airplane owners, there are a number of important "expiration issues" we need to constantly monitor.  Common ones for pilots are Medical Certification and  Flight Reviews.  For airplane owners there are the Annual Inspections, Pitot Static Certification, Transponder Certification and ELT Battery Expirations to name a few.

If some of these expire it could mean being grounded or inadvertently operating in violation of the FARs.  It could very helpful to have someone keep track of all of these expiration issues for you and send a reminder in advance to give you time to get them taken care of.  We offer these reminders as part of our Administrative Assistant services specifically for Aviators.

You choose the events you need reminders for, the advance warning time you need and how you want the reminder sent along – email, text message, phone call or whatever works best for you.  You can choose one reminder for $10, two reminders for $20, three reminders for $25 and $5 for each additional reminder over three.  Since some events in aviation are 6 month, some are annual, some are every two years and others are more than two years or very specialized, we will need to taylor a plan that fits your specific needs.  One quick phone call (877-209-7506) or email us.  When we receive your request we will create a plan and contact you to discuss the details.