Aircraft Re-Registration – FAA Form 8050-1B


Need help with the registration – or re-registration – of your airplane?  We can help with FAA Form 8050-1B.

Did you know you need to re-register your airplane every three years?  Did you know that if the registration expires the airplane is not authorized for flight?  Did you know that if you don't re-register your airplane, your N number will be cancelled?   

On October 1, 2010 an FAA rule went into effect regarding the registration of aircraft.  The new rule requires aircraft registrations to be renewed every three years.

Do you need help with the re-registration process of your airplane?  I can get that done for you – as long as your N number hasn't been cancelled.  Need a little more info?  Email me or give me a call at 877-209-7506 and I will be happy to help.  The total fee for this service is $55.

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Here is a direct reprint from the FAA website regarding the 2010 rule:

How does Renewal Work?

  • Approximately six months before an aircraft's registration expires, the Registry will mail a notice with instructions to the owner using the mailing address of record. The notice will identify the expiration date, and a file-by date by which application must be made to enable arrival of the new certificate before the old certificate expires.
    • Application should be made as soon as possible, especially applications reporting changes that must be filed by mail. Filing promptly will leave time to address any errors in the application that require correction, or to re-send lost mail.
    • A security code provided in the notice enables on-line renewal and payment of the $5 renewal fee when there are no changes in ownership, address, or citizenship to report. If there are changes to report, the form can be completed on-line, printed, signed, and mailed with the $5 fee.
    • Filing promptly will not affect the new renewal expiration date. The expiration date on a renewal certificate will be three years from the expiration date on the old certificate when the application is filed on time.
    • When a post office or drop box is used as a mailing address, the street or physical address of the applicant must be entered on the aircraft registration application.
  • Two months before expiration, after the file-by date has passed, a second notice will be sent to owners of aircraft that have not yet been issued a renewal certificate.
    • Owners who filed their applications shortly before the file-by date may want to check the status of their Registration Renewal Application using the check status tool provided on the Aircraft Registry Menu page to confirm the filing of their application, or the issue of the renewal certificate.
    • The security code for on-line renewal application is also included in this notice. These late applicants are advised to make application without delay. Online applicants are advised to allow at least two weeks for mail delivery time when making application.
    • Applications that arrive at the Registry after the file by date have arrived late in the processing time line and the new certificate may be issued after the old certificate expires. During this interim, the aircraft would be without authority to operate.
  • If aircraft registration has expired and a renewal certificate has not been issued, received, and placed in the aircraft, then the aircraft is without authority to operate.
    • Expired certificates cannot be extended. This is why the process starts six months before expiration, when prompt action will enable the timely delivery of new certificates, and leave a few extra weeks to recover from most inadvertent errors.
    • If your application was received by the Registry before the expiration date, even if there is an error, the Registry will work with you to complete the registration renewal process.
    • If a renewal application was first received by the Registry after the expiration date, the renewal process no longer applies. An aircraft owner may apply for registration of an unregistered aircraft under 14 C.F.R. §4731(a), by filing an Aircraft Registration Application, AC Form 8050-1, the $5.00 registration fee, and evidence of ownership (if it is not already on file at the Registry).
    • After the registration expiration date the Registry will send a notice to the owner to tell them when the N-number assignment is scheduled for cancellation. If the owner wishes to keep the N-number they must, before the cancelation takes place, send a request to the Registry asking that the aircraft's registration be cancelled and the N-number be reserved in the owner's name, accompanied by the $10.00 N-number reservation fee. If the N-number is canceled without being reserved, it will not be available for re-assignment or reservation for the next five years.
  • Aircraft registration issued due to renewal expires three years from the expiration date of the previous certificate.
  • Aircraft registration issued to a new, import, or reinstated aircraft entering or re-entering the U.S. Civil Aircraft Register expires three years after the last day of the month in which it is issued.
  • When an aircraft registration is not renewed, the cancellation of the N-number assigned to that aircraft will take place approximately 90 days after the expiration of an aircraft's registration. Upon cancellation, an N-number will be unavailable for re-assignment or reservation for a period of five years.
  • If aircraft registration has expired and no renewal application was filed, then application may be made to register the aircraft under 14 CFR § 47.31, using the standard application for registration and payment of the $5 registration fee. The process to reinstate a previously registered aircraft remains unchanged.

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